December 16, 2017

Looking beyond a basic cupboard is a great way of maximising the practicality and effectiveness of your new kitchen design. Here’s a summary of some options:


The simplest and cheapest option. The advantage is a cupboard with a shelf is the lowest cost option available. The disadvantages are that the back of a fixed shelf can be difficult to access and you may need to take things from the front to get to the back. A variation on the standard cupboard is a drawer line unit consisting of a shallow drawer above a cupboard door below.


Drawers are available in a range of heights and widths so they are a highly flexible storage solution. We can produce a wide range of configurations to suit your storage requirements. Deeper drawers are often referred to as pan drawers and this can restrict people's view of what to put in them. We suggest that you just think of them as a pull out shelf. They extend fully so access to items at the back without moving the items at the front is easy...

November 16, 2017

You’re considering buying a new kitchen. You’ve arranged to meet a kitchen designer to discuss you new design. What things should you be thinking about before you meet?

How are you going to use the kitchen?

Are you going to use your kitchen solely for cooking or to have a living kitchen design where people will also sit and socialise together? How many people are in the family and how is the kitchen typically used?

Are you a keen cook or is your kitchen somewhere to make a quick meal?

This is an important consideration because it will influence the layout of the kitchen from a functional perspective, influence the appliances that you do or don't need, and the amount of storage required.

Are you going to need additional building works?

If you want a living kitchen design is the current kitchen large enough or will the project involve either opening space into an adjacent room or by adding an extension?

What other works will be required?

Following on from above, do you have trades people arrange...

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Things to consider before meeting your kitchen designer

November 16, 2017

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