March 20, 2018

15 Small kitchen design ideas

Design of small kitchens can represent a real challenge because of the need to include key components within a restricted space. Here’s a few design ideas to maximise the use of a small kitchen:

1. Layout – form vs function

Small kitchen layout is critical. Don’t let yourself be constrained by your current oven or sink position. Think about how repositioning the oven, sink or hob may make for a much more functional kitchen. It’s also far better to arrange your sink and appliances so you have one larger prep area than 2 or 3 smaller sections.

2. Clear the work surface

If you are pressed for work top space, then buying a Quooker boiling water tap and putting your microwave into a wall unit may make a significant improvement in available work surface.

3. Use your wall space

There are some great wall storage systems about which allow you to store herbs spices, kitchen roll, knives and utensils off the surface yet in easy reach. For example, the Sensio Midway system a...

December 16, 2017

Looking beyond a basic cupboard is a great way of maximising the practicality and effectiveness of your new kitchen design. Here’s a summary of some options:


The simplest and cheapest option. The advantage is a cupboard with a shelf is the lowest cost option available. The disadvantages are that the back of a fixed shelf can be difficult to access and you may need to take things from the front to get to the back. A variation on the standard cupboard is a drawer line unit consisting of a shallow drawer above a cupboard door below.


Drawers are available in a range of heights and widths so they are a highly flexible storage solution. We can produce a wide range of configurations to suit your storage requirements. Deeper drawers are often referred to as pan drawers and this can restrict people's view of what to put in them. We suggest that you just think of them as a pull out shelf. They extend fully so access to items at the back without moving the items at the front is easy...

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November 16, 2017

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