As a Quooker Displaying Dealer we are able to offer you some fantastic offers. These include:

1.Buy a new Quooker at lock-down offer pricing (with or without the Cube chilled filtered and sparkling water unit) and we can arrange for either installation by Quooker (where an engineer will install the Quooker for you) or; buy now, have the tap delivered direct to your home for installation by you or your own plumber/kitchen fitter.

2. CUBE Upgrade at lock-down offer pricing - if you already have a Quooker installed which was produced after October 2017 you can add a Cube chilled filtered and sparkling unit to your exsiting tap. Please give us a call on the upgrade offers currently available.

CLICK HERE to contact us to get a Quooker offer

Take a look at the videos to see the ways a Quooker can make your life easier every day